About the artist

Michael successfully combines the careers of artist, scientist and writer.  He and his wife Mandy run a small consultancy that specialises in wildlife research.  Michael is also a regular guest lecturer at several of Perth’s Universities, wrote a science and environment column for The West Australian (The Wild Side; 1997-2003), and is an active volunteer in a number of conservation organisations, including positions on the state executive committee (Chair 2002-2005, 2015 and national council of Birdlife Australia 2005-2010).  Michael’s art focusses on wildlife subjects, from plants and invertebrates to fish, amphibia, reptiles, birds and mammals. 


Current projects include illustrations for environmental signage, illustrations for a book of essays (taken from Michael’s column ‘The Wild Side’ in the West Australian Newspaper) and an exhibition of paintings of insects, as well as developing the concept for ‘The Artful Gene’, a joint exhibition of Michael’s and his great-grandfather’s art.




March 1983.  One-man exhibition of watercolours and pen-and-ink drawings of wildlife at Lister Gallery, Perth.


July 1986 and July 1987.  Exhibited drawings and paintings at the Birdlife Australia exhibition of bird art.


August 1989.  One-man exhibition of watercolour paintings of wildlife at the Lister Gallery in Perth.


May 1991. Exhibition in Albany, WA


March 1991.  Exhibited four watercolours at Narrogin Gallery, WA in association with a seminar on landcare.


October 1991.  Exhibition of pencil and pencil and wash drawings of African animals coinciding with the opening of Perth Zoo's African Savannah Exhibit.


July 2004.  Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings from Ratites and Tinamous at the Kingfisher Gallery, Perth.

The Artful Gene Project

  • 3-28 August 2015, Letchworth, UK

  • 2-14 November 2015, Joondalup, Western Australia

  • 18 November 2015 - 13 January 2016, Wanneroo, Western Australia



December 1984 to June 1985.  Prepared pen-and-ink drawings for two books produced to mark the tenth anniversary of Murdoch University.


1987-1991.  Prepared plates for a handbook on the birds of Western Australia (WA Museum 1998).


1989 to 1995.  Watercolours and pen-and-ink drawings for material produced by the Waterways Commission.


November 1990 to January 1991.  Prepared pen-and ink drawings for a book on the wildlife of Torndirrup National Park, Western Australia.  


1992-2000.  One of a team of artists providing pen-and-ink drawings and colour plates for the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds, being produced by the RAOU and Oxford University Press.


1995.  Illustrated (and wrote) a book on Wheatbelt Woodlands for Dept of Conservation and Land Management.


1995.  Prepared pen and ink drawings of Zebra Finches for a monograph on the Zebra Finch, written by Richard Zann and published by Oxford University Press.


1996-2000.  Prepared colour plates and pen-and-ink drawings for Ratites and Tinamous, written by Dr S.J.J.F. Davies.  Published by Oxford University Press in a series on the bird families of the world in 2002.


2002.  Prepared pen and ink drawings of waterfowl for the New Atlas of Australian Birds, published by Birdlife Australia in late 2003.


2001-2004.  Writing and illustrating a book on the biology of salt lakes of the south-west.


2008.  Wrote and illustrated a chapter (The Vertebrates) in an undergraduate biology text book.  


2013.  Pen and ink drawings for a book on the Biology of the Honey Possum.


2015. Illustrator and senior author for The Wild Side: Chronicles of Nature, Part 1. Biology without Borders, published by Bamford Consulting Ecologists

2015 - present. Occasional painting days for Yellagonga Community Mural at Woodvale Public Library

1989 - present.  Illustrations for interpretative materials, signage, educational websites and brochures on range of topics.  Some of the illustrations have been reproduced as bronze plaques placed in public parks.

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